The Super Secret World of Kyle XY

Transmedia storytelling crosses many platforms to create one complete story using multiple sources. Well known transmedia stories include The Matrix, Dawson’s Creek, and Assassin’s Creed. All are great and complex stories but there is a lesser known series called Kyle XY that fits the bill as well.

Kyle XY began as a tv series about an unknown boy with no origin, no memory, and no bellybutton. Over the course of the series viewers are introduced to an evil company called Latnok that may hold the secrets of Kyle’s past. Unfortunately, the tv series was cancelled after the third season without a proper ending, enraging and frustrating die hard fans.

Thankfully, Kyle XY was continued as a short book series. For those wanting to delve further into the Kyle mystery, ABC Family created an online game called Continuum, an open world community where players can collect clues and train their character in the same ways that Kyle has trained. The clues you collect piece together the mystery of Kyle and his history with Latnok. The creators of the show even created a website where you can test to be included in Latnok’s ranks, a combination of intelligence and logic questions determining how much intel they reveal to you. Unfortunately the Latnok site has been taken down but the Continuum game still exists.